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The draft Uttlesford Design Code

The Uttlesford Design Code will be a practical and useable guide for all parties involved in the design and planning of development in Uttlesford. It will set out a series of rules and guidelines that, when followed, will combine to ensure that all proposals are designed and built to the highest quality expected by Uttlesford District Council. These must be taken into account in any planning application.

There are three key parts to the code:

Uttlesford Places

Locally specific and common design features from the built and natural environment will be used to inspire designs that reflects the character of the local area. We have used what you have told us in previous surveys and workshops about what makes Uttlesford unique to inform this.

District-wide coding

This will provide the rules for good design to be applied in all proposals across Uttlesford. We have used what you have told us in previous surveys and workshops about what you think is appropriate in Uttlesford, the districts opportunities and challenges, and how you would like to live to inform this. We would love to hear what you think so that we can refine these further.

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Development-scale coding

This sets out the detailed requirements and supporting guidance to follow for different scales of new residential development. Where a development is on the border between places or landscape character areas, more than one set of rules may need to be considered.

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